Vision, Mission, Values and Statement of Purpose




KITTALL will be the leading website for promoting active and passionate participation in literary work by both the young and the old, newcomers and established, men, women and children in the Konkani literary field who use Kannada Script for written work.




1. KITTALL website will always befirst and foremost about writers. We will provide any serious, promising and committed writer with access to publication, often for the first time.


2. We will endeavour to be sponsors of innovation, purveyors of experimentation and occasionally protesters against tradition and convention.


3. We will discover and nurture new writers.


4. We will give platform to established writers, should specific literary work of theirs is judged controversial by traditional publications, or of little commercial value to media business.


5. We shall serve as a bridge between various Konkani literary communities portraying their unique cultural ethos through diverse speech, diction and tone. For this, while retaining text for originality, translated sub-text in the spoken dialect of Konkani of coastal Karnataka will be used.


6. We will not attempt to impose a standardized lingua franca based on spoken dialect of the majority traffic to our website but will promote understanding and appreciation of the diverse beauty of our language.


7. We will endeavour to reach widest possible audience, ambitiously reaching every Konkani individual who can read Kannada Script, and based anywhere in the world. Towards this end, we will nurture and publish children’s finest writing and art.


8. We are aware that women writers require special attention in our male-dominated communities. We will nurture and publish finest women writers and artists with a commitment to gender-neutral literature.


9. We are aware that male priestly class dominates the literary media due to historic reasons of use of Konkani in liturgical and devotional expressions. Often, those lay writers and artists whose work challenges accepted norms of language, religious practices and beliefs, cultural forms and expressions, including experiments and rationalist thought-processes are left without a forum. We will endeavour to provide forum for such radical rebellious literature.


10. We are aware that a large diaspora of Konkani readers in Kannada script are unable to use English keyboard on computers or communication devices and provide us feedback or submit comments to published literature. In order to overcome this handicap of readers, we will publish the readers’ comments in Konkani written in other scripts as well as in English language as the case may be.




1. Quality


2. Accountability


3. Integrity


4. Commitment


5. Truthfulness


6. Originality


7. Rationality


8. Dependability


9. Respect for Dissent


Statement of Purpose:


To emerge as a profitable and sustainable literary entity, guard our editorial independence with commitment to our Vision, Mission and Values. Our existence and survivalshall not be pawned to business interests of neither patrons nor advertisers.